Friday, August 1, 2014

The Walk

Massey kept holding her from tripping. High on her generous vodka spree, she was swaying while walking on her wobbly feet. Massey looked around the desolated road they were trudging on but, expecting a mode of  transport at 2 o'clock in the morning was rather senseless. Moreover, it wasn't too bad; the experience of walking on the quaint pavements of beach road with the beautiful blue-black sea gurgling at occasional intervals at one side.

Pondicherry looked magical at night. The vast expanse of sparsely populated areas against a deep blue sky and a breathtakingly beautiful sea could cast an enchanting spell on anyone's senses. 

Rags maintained the trippy-tizzy walk with Massey by her side while mumbling some incomprehensible stuff to herself.

'Huh?' asked Massey. 'You said something?'
Rags nodded while looking down at the road.
'You love me...?' she asked.
'Do you doubt that?' he chuckled.
She stopped, turned around and stood in front of him. Her petite frame glowed under the yellow-orange street light. Massey couldn't help noticing just how beautiful she looked in that moment. Her auburn curls accentuated by the soft light from the street lamp above, gleaming glassy eyes and a curved mouth made a picture perfect frame.

Tip toeing on her feet she stretched herself to her maximum height, managing to reach just around Massey's chest. He held her close by her waist; his fingers fitting snugly between her bare waist curve and the hem of her cropped cotton top.

She looked up at him, taking in every bit of his chiseled features,
'Say you love me..'
He smiled, removed a strand of wild, curly hair from her face and cradled her waist in both his arms, 
'I love you...' he said kissing her forehead.
'Say you'll love me with alllll your heart', she said.
'I'll love you with alllll my heart', he repeated.
'Say you love everything about me...' she said.
'Yeah I do, less when you go ballistic though' he said matter-of-factly.
'Who asked you about your inputs?' she frowned. 'Shut up and repeat after me!'
Massey squeezed her gently and repeated 'I love everything about you.'
'Say you wont leave me ever, no matter what..'
'Wont leave you ever, no matter what.'
'Say you'll be okay with all my mood swings..'
'I'll be okay with all your mood swings.'
'Say you'll pull me up from the dark la-la land that I end up in so often...'
'I will pull you up from the dark la-la land that you end up in so often Rags, I promise, I will.'
She stared at him for one long minute and then said, 'Kiss me..'

He smiled inwardly. In one smooth movement he sweeped her off the ground to bring her to his head's height. Face against face, her arms around his neck, he spoke on her lips,
'You are an amusing little thing girl..' and kissed her. 
Kissed her like it was the very last moment that they were sharing together, like there was no tomorrow for them, like it was his only chance to clear all her doubts about his love for her. Kissed her like that kiss was meant to last forever.